Vocalist | Songwriter | Composer | Multiinstrumentalist | Producer from Germany
Dark, eerie, melancholic, epic, macabre, thoughtful, frosty - Wynther.

"The beauty of the macabre, an aesthetic of horror, a satire of the sacred - where opposites meet and complement each other to create a new whole, Wynther plays with these contrasts."

Distorted guitars, sluggish to driving drum grooves, crystal clear vocals, menacing voices and orchestral instruments form a unit that could be described as melodic doom metal if Wynther wanted to define himself in a genre.

Vanitas, memento mori and death are leitmotifs of the texts, secret messages and puns. It's important to listen carefully, because things are not always as they first appear.

Wynther is part of the Evophon Media family and, in addition to a collaboration with Certain As Death on the song "Permafrost", he also wrote the two songs "Frozen Heart" and "Midnight Sun" with Dominic Gebhardt.

Wynther is a solo project. All instruments are recorded by one and the same person, as well as lyrics and vocals. Wynther is also responsible for production, mixing and mastering.
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