Band from Germany
Certain As Death is the project of two musicians and friends who have been making music together for many years and have done so in a wide variety of constellations and bands.

As of 2020, Certain As Death has been redefined and evolved. A total of 20 songs were released and they built a loyal audience worldwide.

At first the lyrics were all in German, but since the beginning of 2021 they have been in English. Social criticism and mythology are among other motifs the main themes of the Lyrics.

Basically, the music can be described as melodic death metal, but there are also elements of black metal, thrash metal and alternative metal.

Distorted guitars, driving drum grooves, brutal growls and powerful bass tracks now characterize Certain As Death.

In addition to the composition, the lyrics, the recordings and the production, the members of Certain As Death are also responsible for the mixing and mastering.
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