Composer | Songwriter | Guitarist | Music-Aficionado from Germany
His music firmly roots in the Metal Genre. But his compositions are so much more.
They are a blend of epic orchestral arrangements with elements of electronic music and modern metal sounds.

"To lock yourself into one specific genre limits your creativity. I like to mix flavors of different
genres and create something new."

His repertoire ranges from atmospheric, almost haunting tracks to very powerful and energetic songs.
Sure, you can listen to his music while doing your daily work-out to get an extra pump. But you can
also enjoy his music while sitting in front of a fireplace enjoying a good coffee or a glass of red-wine.

"To have an outlet for your creativity is an absolute blessing. Without music, and specifically without the
possibility to create music, life would miss something incredibly important.
If my music can add something entertaining, interesting and enjoyable to your day then I have succeeded."
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